Tasso is an environmentally conscious company. We meet the legal requirements to environmental issues and strive to be proactive in improving our impact of external environment. We systematically map and analyse our data of energy consumption, waste, emissions, water consumption and waste water to keep track of the development.  

Manufacturing of cast iron includes some highly energy-consuming processes and this is why reduction of energy consumption is an important priority of Tasso’s action plan for improvement.

Recycling is already an integral part of our business as our products are made mainly from steel and iron scrap. Instead of letting waste end as landfill, we work on turning residual products into resources for new products.
One result from our initiatives to reduce waste is that slag from our foundry is now recycled as material for construction of new buildings.

Substitution of unwanted chemicals is another priority to keep both environment and employees safe.

Management as well as employees take part in making Tasso a sustainable business.

Environmental certifications

Tasso holds the following environmental certificates and diplomas:
The environmental diploma is awarded by MiljøForum Fyn for exceptional environmental initiatives.

End of life recycling

Cast iron is 100% recyclable and is highly recycled. Cast iron can be recycled at the end of life to form products that are of the same standard and quality as the original material. The scrap collection infrastructure is well developed and the most environmental friendly recycling is to sell the cast iron scrap to a local steel scrap trader. The best selling price can be achieved when the worn out application is dismantled correct and the cast iron is separated from other materials.
Every tonne of scrap recovered substitutes one tonne of primary steelmaking. This can happen again and again, with existing technology and without degradation of the chemical elements.
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