Tasso was established by Hans Rasmussen in Odense, Denmark in 1856 as Frederiksgades Jernstøberi (from 1870 named H. Rasmussen & Co.). The original manufacturing was stoves but in the 1920s the company began casting radiators named Tasso. The Tasso name was invented as a short and easy to remember word and had no external references. Tasso became the official company name in 1967.
In 1961 the company began an entirely new production form, namely continuous cast iron. In 1962 the company acquired a machine which was a prototype of Disamatic, an automatic production line used for fast manufacturing of sand moulds for sand casting. Over the years the continuous casting facilities have been expanded and today Tasso is fully specialised in continuous cast iron bars.
Tasso was acquired by Vald. Birn, one of Northern Europe's largest foundry groups, in 1976. Today the Vald. Birn Group consists of Vald. Birn A/S (DK), Vald. Birn GmbH (DE), Tasso A/S (DK), Kockums Maskin AB (SE) and Uldall Jernstøberi (DK).
Tasso is the oldest foundry in Denmark still operating and in 2007 it was chosen as National Industrial Heritage by the Heritage Agency of Denmark.
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