Advantages of cast iron


Due to the casting process and the fine-grained dense microstructure Tasso cast iron bars have a number of built-in advantages compared to traditional sand castings or steel:

  • Uniform fine-grained structure free from gas-holes, sand and other tool-wearing inclusions
  • Virtual elimination of common casting defects like shrinkage and porosity
  • Improved machinability from the same Brinell hardness compared to alternative materials
  • Reduced scrap rate and 100 % recyclable surplus material
  • Excellent surface finish suitable for coating or painting

Superior machinability

Tasso cast iron bars are produced with the machinist and end-user in mind, our products can be machined constantly  faster allowing you to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.
  • Microscopic equally dispersed graphite particles ensure superior machinability
  • Exceptional dimensional stability due to the production process with integrated stress relieving
  • Less machining allowance from Tasso raw- or premachined bar material will help you focus on your core business
  • Machining speeds and feed rate can be optimised on a continous basis
  • Decreased downtime for tool change compared to steel and sand castings

Advantages for you

Compared to other material Tasso cast iron bars give you such benefits as:
  • Consistent and reliable raw materiel sourcing ensure your business and reduces the risk of downtime
  • Tasso cast iron bars are the ideal alternative to many carbon steel and aluminium grades
  • Excellent stock availability due to our large stock range at Tasso or at a wholesaler near you
  • Pre-machined material deliveries optimise your cost for transportation, machining and scrap
  • Tasso has an experienced staff of specialists ready to help you out in any cast iron bar related issue


In total the service of Tasso A/S amounts to a lower cost per part preparing your business for future challenges.

Tasso is your cast iron bar specialist and we are here to serve you in the future as we have been since 1856.

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